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It Helps to Know the (next maybe?) Governor!

I met with Karl Dean, candidate for Governor of Tennessee in Gallatin recently. One of my platform issues is intergovernmental communication. Mayor Dean gets it!


Campaign Takeoff Set for May 31!

Len Assante Invite

Thursday, March 22, 2018, Sumner Association of Realtors Meet & Greet


Hello All! My first campaign blog post! The picture above shows me with my friends and fellow candidates Michele Harbin and Jordan BanksMichele is running in the 2nd district and Jordan in the 9th. This was our first “meet and greet” hosted by the Sumner Association of Realtors. Thanks for having us! The event was our first chance to meet voters and also our fellow candidates in various races throughout the county. 

They say politics brings out the worst in people.  They probably say that because in some cases it is true! But it does not have to be that way. And it is not always that way. I’ve met some candidates who really want to do good for the citizens of Sumner County and who are waging positive, issues-based campaigns in an attempt to make our corner of the world a better place to live and raise a family. They care about their community. Regardless of party or platform, they should be applauded for trying to make politics not what it is, but what it should be.  To paraphrase Lincoln, they are touched by the better angels of our nature.

So, let us debate the issues, but do so in a civil manner befitting the servant leaders we strive to become. Leave the anger, the hatred, the innuendo, the rumor, and the gossip behind. No wonder so few people are willing to run for office. Think like Lincoln did. I know the three in the photo do.